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Throwing punches at parenthood

23 months

I’m posting this so late, although I did take the photo a day or two after the 23 month mark:


I’ll save the actual update for next weekend – Hattie and Joe turn two on Friday!!

So sweet

Even in the midst of Hattie and Joe’s crazy toddler days there are pockets of such unbelievable, adorable behaviour that it makes my heart squeeze a bit. Some examples from the past couple of days:

1. Tristan tends to get the kids out of their cots first thing in the morning. On Wednesday he sat down with Joe first in their bedroom and removed his sleeping bag, at which point he immediately walked over to Hattie’s cot and gave her a good morning kiss – and she’d moved over to that side of her cot to receive his kiss. I’ve been reliably informed by many twin mums that we can anticipate some twin battles in the near future, and that once twins start fighting, it can become a regular feature. This prediction makes me even more determined to relish the current and ongoing signs of utter delight in each other. They really are besotted, and their relationship is the loveliest thing ever.

2. On Wednesday night I was putting the kids to bed, and when I zipped Hattie into her sleeping bag I said the same kind of thing as every night: “Good night, Hattie’s feet! Thanks for being such great feet today and letting Hattie run around and play” – and she bent down and gave her two feet a kiss each.

3. On two occasions today, when I was getting Hattie dressed, Joe looked at her admiringly and declared, “Pretty Hattie!”

4. When we leave any location Joe insists upon waving goodbye to any person that we’ve spoken to, even briefly, and pretty much won’t be keen to leave unless each person that he’s waved to has said goodbye back.

5. Both children fail to see why they’d only farewell people – they want to day goodbye to anything that they like. Today they waved and said goodbye to the park, the swings, the bubbles in the bath, and their story books.


22 months old

Here they are, our loveable little nutters:


And my goodness, they’re full on at the moment! In fact, they were sent to bed without dinner tonight, when they wouldn’t eat what we gave them (they had milk). Their favourite word is “no” at the moment. Seriously, there are some days when it is just as well that they’re pretty cute! Their eating habits are just awful these days – so bad, in fact, that I’m going to be getting some help with their diet from a nutritionist, before they develop scurvy and rickets.

Here are their sweet little faces for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!










It’s virtually impossible to get photos of her that are actually in focus…


This is Joe’s ‘boy band album cover’ look.


21 months old


Apologies for the tardy update! That photo was taken on the 16th, as per usual, but finding time to actually post it was a challenge.

People, we have LITTLE KIDS now! Kids with their own preferences and opinions, who can both communicate their likes and dislikes with us, do things deliberately to either make us laugh or wind us up, and occupy themselves in all sorts of creative – and often non compliant – ways. Hattie has a vocabulary that may soon exceed mine, and is busily teaching herself colours, how to count, and various other things that make me wonder whether she might be one of those little weirdo kids who start reading before they’re three. And when he’s not building towering structures with his stacking cups, Joe has started to toilet train himself. During the past five or six days (and I’m writing this on the 25th), he’s asked for the potty several times a day and produced the goods (of both varieties) pretty much every time. Life is never dull with toddler twins.

Every day I think of things that should be shared in this blog, but the combined work loads of motherhood, university, and voluntary stuff (not to mention an occasional desire to just relax and do nothing) mean that it can be challenging to write much. However, I’ve got exams in early November and then three and a half months off (aside from some multiple birth club-related projects up my sleeve), so I’ll be able to update far more often. I promise! Here are some recent photos, in the meantime.









Super Hattie and Super Joe


Fighting vegetables (both of them), authority (Hattie), and naps (Joe) at every opportunity…

20 months old

Here’s the photo from Monday! Apologies for the delay in posting it. A proper update will follow very soon, I promise…


This month’s photo compliance came courtesy of Peppa Pig on TV, which explains their distracted expressions. That’s their special TV-watching chair:


House proud

Joe may not say Hattie’s sociable phrases yet, but there are promising signs that our bourgeois ways are rubbing off on him: he just went to considerable lengths to fetch a coaster for the side table before placing his feeder cup on it. What a lovely boy!


Miss Manners


Joe just sneezed, and Hattie responded with her third spontaneous two-word remark: “bless you!” She also said it to herself when she sneezed.




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