Twin life

Paper dolls

Just a quick post to say that, if you’re trying to keep preschoolers busy, I recommend paper dolls. The kids have liked the idea of paper dolls since they were given this gorgeous Julia Donaldson story a couple of years ago. These paper dolls came from a $2 shop (or it might have been Kmart), and the kids have just spent a happy hour directing me as I coloured them in as princesses (they’ve done the colouring themselves on other days, but they were particularly keen to achieve realistic princess looks today). 

Here they are:

Yes, we also coloured the rear views, because we’re nothing if not thorough. 

Here’s Joe dressed as Anna from Frozen, Snow White, and Rapunzel:

And here’s Aurora, Anna, and Elsa:

Joe was pretty happy with them, and wanted a photo to show Lena, our recently departed au pair:

Pro tip: have your phone handy to google pictures of the princesses, as four year olds are harsh critics if you get the details wrong. And use crayon, because pen smudges. 


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